It's Your Health: Consider ALTERNATIVES!

By Richard Brody

In the United States, we often, tend to, pursue using allopathic medicines, while, most of the rest of the world, combines, allopathy, with natural medicines, and a holistic, wellness, approach. While severe illnesses, especially, life - threatening ones, must be treated, by professionals, carefully, and thoroughly, many of the day - to - day, minor ailments, we experience, might better, be treated, and served, using allopathy. Allopathic treatments include several modalities, including, but not limited to: homeopathic, herbal, and many other options.

These are considered, the ALTERNATIVES, and we must focus, on treating the entire body, rather than, merely disguising, and covering - up, rather than curing, and making our bodies, stronger. With that in mind, we will attempt to briefly examine, these, from the mnemonic perspective and approach.

1. Attention: Pay close attention, to the entire set of possibilities, including, not merely, covering - up, the symptoms, but, enhancing one's overall health, and well - being!

2. Listen; learn; look - up: Look up the possibilities, and pay close attention, effectively listening, and learning, what needs to be done, and performed, rather than, merely, closing, your mind, to the alternatives and options!

3. Treatment: What do you hope/ seek, to treat? A holisitic approach, to health, should be based, on building - up, and enhancing, one's immune system, so, you don't merely, cover - up, symptoms, rather than curing, what might have caused them?

4. Enhance: Shouldn't the goal of any treatment, be, to enhance one's overall health, and use a combination of allopathic, and other treatments, to achieve the optimal, degree of wellness?

5. Research: You owe it, to yourself, to thoroughly, research, and understand, the options, and, while avoiding, believing, you have all the answers, open - up, your mind, to the possibilities, options, and alternatives!

6. Nutritional needs: One of the necessities of better health, is paying closer attention, to nutritional needs, and proceeding, intelligently! Nutrition includes factors such as the foods you consume (and those to avoid), your specific needs, supplementation (if appropriate), etc. In many cases, those with quality nutritional habits, experience, the healthiest lives.

7. Actions: Understand both, actions, and interactions, so you live, a balanced life, and a potentially, healthier one! Understand, this does not mean, becoming your own doctor, but, being better prepared, to ask your health professional, better questions, etc.

8. Timely: Timely attention requires a focus on prevention, in order to possess the strongest ability, to live, a potentially, healthier, happier life.

9. Intents: Know the intents of your lifestyle, and plan accordingly. Do you believe healthy living, and a healthier lifestyle, will create a happier existence?

10. Value: Shouldn't a healthy life, be one of the most essential values, and provide, you with your greatest, personal value?

11. Existence: Alternative medicine, combined with traditional, in a wellness - oriented, mindset, should enhance your existence, in a positive manner!

12. Stronger; solutions: When we live a stronger life, based on overall health, and wellness, our body, helps us seek, the most viable solutions, etc!

If you consider, both, traditional, ALTERNATIVES, as well as traditional approaches (and medicines), you might be pleased with the impacts. Are you willing to open, your mind, to the possibilities?