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One must eat to live .... Not live to eat.

If you think you can ... You Can. - and if you think you can't ... You're Probably Right.
International Weight Loss Expert Reveals The Truth!
About How “Healthy” Smoothies Are Making You Fat

Don’t Be Fooled By The Food And Medicine Industry

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You may have tried dozens of diets…most people do. The wait for a solution is over…
In the
Red Smoothie Detox Factor Elizabeth Swann Miller, Naturopath and six time best selling Amazon author unveils 4 ancient Incan superfoods, revealing their power to help you lose weight, feel more energetic, and transform your entire life from the inside out. Most of the food we eat is filled with unhealthy components that slow down our metabolism, and while they satisfy our hunger, they don’t provide optimal nutrition. By adding a few surprising superfoods to your routine, you can give your body exactly what it needs to kick start your metabolism.

While following
The Red Smoothie Detox Factor, you will discover the exact list of foods that will help clear toxins from your body while helping you lose weight. In the process, you’ll rediscover something you may have lost - a joyful, passionate zest for life.
Wear the clothes you’ve always wanted to wear. Really enjoy swimsuit season! Learn to scuba dive, or, like Liz did, climb to the top of a mountain and celebrate your newfound body. Relish the sensation of feeling lighter and younger than you have in a long time.

Liz leads the way toward better health. Following this plan will lead you to a life that includes deep, restful sleep, reversed illness, and a powerful immune system that will help you beat illnesses everyone around you seems to get. Delicious fruits serve as the basis for this life-changing plan. Packed with the nutrients your body craves, they increase your daily dose of antioxidants, helping to reduce your risk of serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease. 3

Whether you are trying to lose 10, 20, 50, or even 100 pounds or more, Liz will help you shed weight quickly. If you suffer from chronic pain or illness, you may enjoy a full or partial reversal of symptoms. The plan offers a simple, step-by-step process, and by making a few easy changes, you’ll transform your body and your life for the better.

Are you ready to discover a whole new way to lose weight and get healthy once and for all?
Do you need help breaking the old habits that are preventing you from enjoying the body and life you deserve?
If you’re among the millions of people who suffer from a flabby midsection, you may have been told that you’re too far gone. Maybe others have laughed, told you there’s nothing you can do to change, or attempted to make you feel better by blaming heredity. Perhaps you’ve been told that eating only cabbage soup or drinking a nauseating blend of apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper will help, only to fail miserably at sticking with such a difficult regimen. The truth is that banishing the belly fat that keeps you from living the life you want is simple.

There’s no endless exercise, bland soup, or horrifying drink involved.
For years now, Liz Swann has studied people of all kinds - men, women, teens, and even kids - who were well over their ideal body weight; in some cases, more than 100 pounds overweight. And these were people from all walks of life, including women who had had multiple children, men who’d spent decades downing burgers and beer, and kids who took the term 5 “junk food junkie” to whole new levels. And, after following the Red Smoothie Detox Factor, 89% of them were able to lose a significant amount of weight, fitting into clothing they never dreamed they’d be able to wear.
People all over the US - and beyond - suffer from obesity, as well as related metabolic diseases that leave them feeling tired and run down. They rely heavily on stimulants including coffee, toxic soda and diet soda, and poisonous tobacco products to get them through their days, then they unwind in the evening with a mind-numbing array of alcoholic beverages that leave them feeling even more sluggish in the morning. It’s an endless cycle that often seems impossible to stop.
The standard American diet, which is appropriately termed SAD, is chock-full of ingredients that lead to energy highs and lows that leave you feeling run-down and starved. The very foods that are poisoning you are the same ones that you’re addicted to. The sugar and simple carbohydrates they contain leave you wanting more and more of the same.
Yet, despite eating hundreds or thousands of extra calories each day, you still feel like you need more.
And all too often, this leads to feelings of overwhelming guilt and shame.
To compensate, many turn to fad diets that do nothing but leave them starving, grouchy, and even more exhausted. In desperation, they go back to their old ways, exchanging one set of miserable conditions for another, more familiar and seemingly more comfortable way of living. 7

The Red Smoothie Detox Factor teaches you to get rid of the toxic foods that are slowly poisoning your body and mind. Delicious Incan superfoods revered by ancient people provide you with natural energy that leaves you feeling alert, focused, and ready to face any challenge head-on, while placing your body in fat-burning mode.
You will be astonished when you discover this amazing combination of secret superfoods that will give your body what it takes to melt fat off in record time. These ancient superfoods are far better than any commercial diet pill, fad drink, or potion on the planet!
You will lose weight, enjoy a renewed feeling of youthful vitality, and have so much energy you won’t know what to do with it. Many participants say they feel like teenagers again. Most of the so-called foods in modern, Western civilization are nothing but garbage. GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical flavorings, chemical colorings, preservatives, and weird animal byproducts you’d be shocked to hear about are lurking in almost everything you eat. But Liz has great news for everyone. She has discovered these four powerful superfoods that will begin to transform your body in just a few days, and leave you looking and feeling like a whole new person in a matter of weeks.
Red Smoothie Detox Factor will explain in depth how and why these superfoods will help you burn fat, recharge your body, detoxify your entire system, and regain youthful vitality so you can enjoy better health and feel fantastic.
Don’t worry though - despite their healthy properties, these superfoods are delicious. They taste so much better than things that come out of boxes and cans, and they’re completely free of the harmful preservatives and other additives that are slowly making you fat and sick while leading you toward an early death.

Liz knows that processed foods are easily among the most dangerous substances you can put into your body. Since most contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms), which have been linked to organ damage, cancer, and infertility - and which have been banned in some places - they pollute your organs and bloodstream. 9

Processed foods may contain ingredients that sound like whole, wholesome foods, but they have been disassembled for longer shelf lives. Their natural enzymes, fiber, and vitamins have been processed and even removed, and additives that wreak havoc on your sensitive digestive system have been injected in their place. They disrupt your body’s natural balance, disturb its beneficial bacterial ecosystem, and increase inflammation while they make you fatter and unhealthier than ever.

In contrast, these superfoods are mouthwatering natural marvels that replenish your body. Combined with water-rich fruits that will wake your taste buds from their slumber, they provide you with all the natural amino acids, sugars, vitamins, and mineral salts your body craves on a cellular level.
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